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“When I started here my goal in the next few years was to be able to attend my children’s school events.I have had the opportunity to watch my girls play softball together and my son play hockey was top of my list. I also enjoy gardening/yard work, riding motorcycles in the summer, and normally enjoy…


I hope no one has unbuckled their seatbelts yet. If you’re not buckled up…I suggest that you do. When Brandon was little he had wanted to follow his dad. When he was only 16 years old he was already helping his dad work on trucks. Brandon’s first job was carpentry, but once he stepped foot…


Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gents…Geiger is coming in HOT!!! Are your seatbelts fastened yet? As some may know…Geiger enjoys racing and hunting. He likes to hunt anything that moves for example bear, deer, antelope, geese, etc. He likes to watch the series of “Yellowstone” when he gets the chance. His favorite movie is “Cobra”.…

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