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Does anyone know of someone that has been backing up trucks and trailers since they were 9 years old or younger. If not, you now know of someone. Jadon has been backing up trucks and trailers since he was about 8 years old! Starting at a young age, Jadon has spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Jadon”


From the previous blog post it said we had a flat tire on lap 2, so let’s start putting on a new tire. Along the way let’s hear about Ben’s story. Ben was about 20 years old when he first changed a tire. He got into tires by working at a shop that did oilContinue reading “Ben”


If you could give any person in the world advice what would it be? Cody said, “If your passionate about your job, you will never work a day in your life.” That couldn’t be any more true. Cody was about 8 years old when he started to help working on semis. He wanted to beContinue reading “Cody”

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